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[9] movies - The Avengers [1/9]

What happend?’ ‘We won.’

Oh, baby [video]

Robert Downey Jr on Finding Your Roots (S01E06)


Whoever runs costume on these movies and makes the decisions about the pants this man wears in them……I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because be they worn denim that hug him like a glove, soft black cotton that lies low on his hip bones to reveal the strip of tanned skin on his stomach, tight form fitting body suits, loose and informal that accentuate the dip of his back as it curves into his waist and becomes the rise of his perfect ass or tailored to fit casual……damn this man can fill them out.

And I so very much appreciate them all.


Robert Downey Jr ass ♥ (; Thank the lord .


Robert and ty being cute <3


i’d say

Dat ass ♥ (;